With the right body shop, you can feel confident that any damage to your car will be repaired efficiently and with the highest quality. But how do you know which is the best one for you? When a car is to be repaired, the owner’s main priority, of course, is having his vehicle back to exactly the same, if not close to the same condition it was in before the accident. If your car encountered some damage because of an accident, the first thing to do obviously would be to bring it to a repair shop. It has to be noted, though, that not all repair shops have the same skills or capabilities to bring your car back to its former condition, like nothing happened to it at all. The repairs some shops conduct do not deliver the level of quality you may expect to restore your vehicle. You need to be assured that your car will be treated to not just the proper, but the best repair.

As the owner, it is your duty to look for a reputable and a very thorough auto body shop. Look anywhere and you will see a good number of repair shops, claiming to know what it takes to erase any damage brought to your car from a collision accident. But as already said earlier, only a select number of these establishments can actually provide the expertise most car owners require.


So, as a car owner, how do you find the best collision repair shop in San Mateo that is the perfect fit for your needs? Here are some tips in choosing the best repair company for your damaged car.


Do the Visits Yourself

As mentioned earlier, there might be a good number of repair shops in the San Mateo area that would claim to address your particular needs in repairing your car. However, before committing to one company, try to visit at least three to five of them.

Don’t bring in your damaged car in these visits just yet. That way, you won’t be pressured into settling for the first company that looks promising. You might end up liking the third or fifth company you eventually visit. The purpose of these visits is, of course, for you to personally see the facilities the shops claim to have. Do they have advanced equipment? Are their personnel highly qualified, with years of experience? Are they I-CAR certified, proof that they have undergone extensive training and have expert knowledge and experience in dealing with repairs of damaged cars, no matter what the car’s brand is? Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the equipment they use, the methods they employ, and the qualifications of their mechanics.


Visit to Inspect the Work

While you are in their facilities, try to see not only the equipment they use or the recognition and certifications they have. You also need to look at the actual work they are doing in their shop. Try to see if they are specializing in the repair of a particular vehicle brand or car part. A shop may have all the certifications and state-of-the-art equipment, but your totally damaged car may not get totally restored if the shop specializes in, for example, windshield repair. That is not to say that these specialized shops cannot do a competitive job in repairing your vehicle; it is just that there are other facilities, such as D & D Body Shop & Detail Club in San Mateo, CA that gives your vehicle factory certified repairs.

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